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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the “LB Table Tennis Championship” to the Liberty Bishop Blog…it’s quite simply the best Table Tennis league outside of the M25!

I’ll set the scene. About 8-9 months ago in the depths of Luton Town we had a lunch room. It was your standard lunch room consisting of a table, chairs, coffee machine and everything else you’d expect to find in a lunch room. Then, one day magic happened and we gasped with happiness…a Table Tennis table had materialized! This caused a frenzy in the office between the more competitive of us as to who the “best of the best” is…and so the Table Tennis Championship was born (hereafter will be known as TTC)!
So, since the amazing birth of a TTC the lunch-time agenda tends to be; get in and eat your lunch at warp speed, start your TTC Engines, and let battle commence!
Our first lunch period (or as we like to refer to it ‘The Premier Division’) consists of:
Myself (James Barron a.k.a Mr Spin),
Marc Scott (a.k.a Smasher),
Stuart Marquis (a.k.a The Defensive King)
Lee Cullen (a.k.a Hawk eye)!
Of course, there are other up and coming players that will soon be joining the Division but they don’t want to get involved at this point for their own safety!
Due to the high calibre of pay during this lunch time we have a couple of extra rules on top of your bog-standard ones to make it more interesting.
1/ If you don’t score any points in a game (a whitewash) then not only are you rubbish but as an extra disgrace you have to return to your desk and get back to work without a moment’s hesitation…you’re also banned from the table for the rest of the week! It’s harsh, but there are no kid gloves in the Premier Division!
2/ If you score 3 points or less you get put on ‘Gamble’. This means you can choose to not play for the rest of lunch and keep your lunch break, or play your next game on a must-win basis. If you lose this game you get sent back to work…the choice is yours!
In summary you have to try very hard to have a full lunch time.
Throughout the week we keep track of the games played to determine a weekly champion. The player who wins gets the honour of having the “I am the DB’s” trophy! See picture below of this prestigious award!

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