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Procrastination: The demented brother of failure!


procrastination If you work in sales, recruitment or simply have deadlines in your life or working environment, the main thing to keep in mind is the well-known phrase “you snooze, you lose!”

This is a pretty obvious and simple point, but it’s amazing how often it is over-looked. How many times have you had a prospect or a potential business deal that you need to call, but instead of making the call you get bogged down with administration or going through the motions of business development and cold calling? Prioritize! No matter what else is going on, ditch it and make it clear in your mind who/what is your top priority for the day. Don’t delay and just do it.

Those couple of minutes lost when you nip out to the café to get a quick drink, or pop out for a cheeky smoke could be the difference between a great day spent closing a deal and an uneventful day where all the important tasks have been pushed back until tomorrow…possibly resulting in you losing the business altogether!

When arriving at work get the important tasks out of the way first, and if something important crops up whilst you’re completing your more routine jobs, stop what you’re doing and shift your priorities. Be flexible and prioritize!

Breaking your day down into “red and green” time (time off and on the phone) can be a useful way to structure your day, but don’t religiously follow such a rigid programme if it could result in a competitor beating you to the punch.

Even if you know a call you need to make won’t lead to business don’t put it off. The longer your dwell on the call the harder it’ll be to make it. Jump in head first and get it done.

So, in the next couple of days after reading this article keep the following 3 simple points in mind and see if it makes a difference to your day:

1)Be proactive

2)Be flexible

And above all


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written by James Barron 

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