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Employee Focus

Employee Focus: Luke Joy

Sticking with our motto ‘people not portals’, we are zooming in on the Liberty Bishop team and focusing on a different employee every month. We want to show you the people behind the telephone that you speak to regularly. Of course we aren’t taking this too seriously, as you will see from the questions below.

So here is Luke Joy in thirty seconds:

Employee: Luke Joy

1. What is your position at Liberty Bishop? International Payroll Administrator

2. How long have you worked for Liberty Bishop? 4 Months

3. Which film star would you choose to play you in your biography, and why? Tom Hanks – because he’s the best actor… in my opinion.

4. What’s your top five movies? Con Air, Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Ferris Buelers Day off and……Step Brothers

5. Favourite TV programme? Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones or House of Cards… that’s a toughie

6. What’s the best advice you feel you’ve ever given to a contractor? Probably advising on their expenses and how we operate as their employer.

7. What did you want to be at the age of 16? Successful

8. If you could live in one country, where would it be?  Probably here, or Australia

9. What’s the best prank you have pulled? I once convinced someone that I was a Zumba instructor…

10.Use one word to describe yourself? Loyal/Happy

11. What’s the one possession you couldn’t live without? My Dogs… are they possessions?


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