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The triple ‘D’s!


Ok ….. So, recently work has been going great and so has my life outside of work which is very rare as I’m sure some of you reading this would agree! Most of the time you concentrate on your work and your personal life takes a back seat and vice a versa, it’s very difficult to strike the perfect balance. What I’ve found is that the better things are going, the more responsibility you seem to acquire. This causes you to have to concentrate on one area (work or personal life) more than the other which makes it harder to find a release and regain a sense of equilibrium. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic to have your hard work recognised and to receive more responsibility but, unfortunately there is only so many hours in a day and something’s got to give!

Even the most talented plate spinner can hold off a crash for so long before the inevitable happens.

So when someone said to me recently about the Three D’s– Do it – Delegate it – Dump it, seemed to be a very simple but invaluable piece of advice.

Before this was mentioned I was most defiantly a ‘yes’ man. Doing anything to help others, favours left right and centre even if it would extremely put me at a loss in one shape or form. However putting in place the Three D’s has helped me manage my load. This doesn’t mean I say no to everyone but if you combine the D’s with what was mentioned in my previous blog about prioritizing, then you’re on to a winner!

I’m hoping the Triple D rule will help anyone reading this moving forward in a stressful work environment to work more efficiently

How I have applied the 3 D’s to potentially help contractors with a hard decision…

As my job revolves around providing suitable payroll solutions to contractors, I have decided to apply the Three D’s to my work scenario when a contractor has the option of selecting a Umbrella Company, Limited Company or PAYE.

Do it – Limited Company with generic high street accountant doing end of year tax return. This would cause a lot of the administration to be done by yourself as the contractor.

Delegate it – Limited Company with a specialist contract accountant assisting with the back office running on a monthly basis. This will take a lot of the administration burden away from yourself or, simply an Umbrella Company Service.

Dump it – Don’t do the contract or just run PAYE if available.

Obviously with all of the above the situations differs as well as variables and other important criteria but in relation to how much you value your time hopefully this blog can help.

How do you plan to apply them in your own work scenario?

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