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Employee Focus



At Liberty Bishop, one of the most unique things about our company is that we provide a personalised service that centres on ‘people not portals’.  Sticking with our motto, we want to show you the people behind the telephone that you speak to regularly. Of course we aren’t taking this too seriously, as you will see from the questions below and this time we are focusing on one of our New Business Developers, James Barron. So here’s James in thirty seconds:

Employee: James Barron

1. What is your position at Liberty Bishop?  – New Business development consultant

2. How long have you worked for Liberty Bishop? 3.5 years

3. Which film star would you choose to play you in your biography, and why? Will Farrell (Ron Burgundy) – because he has an amazing tash and I like the cut of his jib. .  or Johnny Depp.

4. What’s you top five movies? Pulp Fiction, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, Pirates of the Caribbean (1,2,3), Blow, The Matrix

5. Favourite TV programme? EastEnders – Can’t miss a day! If I do – Thank god for Virgin Media record!

6. What’s the best advice you feel you’ve ever given to a contractor? To save your first ever expenses form you complete as a template so you don’t have to edit as much moving forward and . . Don’t eat the yellow snow.

7. What did you want to be at the age of 16? A Musician. Living the dream!

8. If you could live in one country, where would it be? Italy

 9. Funniest thing a contractor has asked/said to you?  “I’m an Artist as well don’t you know, do you like my picture. . I’ll send you a picture” of a Wood Pecker… To give credit where it’s due, it was rather good.

10. What’s the best prank you have pulled? Electric shock pen, classic.

11. Use one word to describe yourself? Eccentric

12. What’s the one possession you couldn’t live without? My Bass guitar.


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