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We’ve been invited by the Tax office to gauge our opinion…

Liberty Bishop Contractor Serices - Treasury Office Blog

It may seem a little bit geeky but to us it’s quite exciting – it’s not every day you get an invite to the Treasury office!

In conjunction with our trade association “All Umbrella Companies Are Equal” (AUCAE) we will be shortly in attendance at a meeting with the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) as part of their review of the issues surrounding employment status.

The OTS wish to consider whether the UK’s current employment status tests produce meaningful results and also to determine if there are any discrepancies between industry sectors/job types. They will also be examining how well the existing rules and guidelines work in situations where individuals have multiple roles.

As a specialist payroll and accountancy provider for the freelance market, Liberty Bishop are well positioned to contribute valuable input to the debate. An area of particular interest to us is the issue of the UK’s changing working patterns in recent years and how the growth of contracting impacts upon employment status processes. We also look forward to providing feedback on the practicalities and routes through which individuals and businesses can engage with HMRC in order to obtain advice and guidance.

As we also have expertise with international payroll models, we also hope to be able to provide the OTS with a valuable comparative perspective; offering an overview of how some of these issues are dealt with by our partners in the EU.

Our participation in this review follows previous involvement in government consultation processes (most recently the Offshore and Onshore Employment intermediaries “round-table” discussions) and forms part of our ongoing commitment to compliance and transparency within the tax system.

Driven by customer care and compliance, Liberty Bishop are a specialist payroll and accountancy provider for contract workers; providing a range of services on both a domestic (UK) and international basis.

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