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Contractors have your say … AUCAE to help voice your concerns

Liberty Bishop is a member “All Umbrella Companies are Equal” (AUCAE) a trade group that aims to be the true voice of umbrella companies and setting compliance standards across the industry.  AUCAE-Logo

AUCAE members met with HMRC on 20th July to discuss the recently released “Employment Intermediaries and Tax Relief for Travel and Subsistence (T&S)” consultation document in more detail and try to gain clarity, in particular, around the “grey” area of Supervision, Direction and Control. Clarity seems quite a way away, but what was apparent in the meeting is that HMRC only received 3 individual responses from contractors when the original consultation was released. Perception is the impact on contractors would be minimal. We know that this is not likely to be the case, however what we need is statistics / hard facts to be able to back up why the heavy restrictions surrounding who is eligible to claim T&S could have such a negative impact to both the Treasury and the economy as a whole.

Which is where you come in, well you and our combined access to thousands of contractors who will more than likely be caught up in this…

AUCAE works hard to ensure that umbrella companies, contractors and agencies have a voice… a voice that can be heard!

We urge you to distribute / share this survey link to contractors, agencies, and contacts within the industry, so that we get a say in shaping the future of the contractor market. But don’t forget to take the survey first!!!


Responses to the consultation document are due on 30th September 2015, with this in mind AUCAE have launched a National Contractor Survey to ensure that everyone in the industry has the opportunity to have their say. Deadline for submissions to the survey will be 23rd August 2015.

All entries will be presented to HMRC as part of the AUCAE response document, they will also be sent to No.11 Downing Street, and the final response will be published at

Many thanks for your support.

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