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CCHS Support Group UK – Charity Update – Great News …

I trust by now you are aware (if you keep up to date with our blogs) that Liberty Bishop supports 2 charities one of these being CCHS Support Group UK.

We aim to help raise much needed awareness about CCHS and of course as much funds as possible. Thus far we have held a charity golf day, a bake off and table tennis tournament and have raised just over £8250, we hope to get near to the £10K mark by the end of the year!

The reason we support this charity is that my best mates’ little boy Finlay was born with CCHS, which to the non-medical savvy people (much like me), basically means the part of the brain that we all take for granted that reminds us to breathe is NOT there! To control breathing overnight a ventilator is required with a carer on hand.

We have some great news … 
For those that have attended our charity golf day for the past 2 years – We have had a very helpful and special little boy come along and assist showcase the auction lots – Yes Finlay, the boy that assists digging deep in your pockets to help raise funds.

Finlay had a tracheostomy from 8 weeks old until five and a half. Since then he had an open hole, in his neck, until a surgical closure 5 weeks ago (age six and a half). At the weekend, for the first time ever, he was able to submerge his neck in water and had fun with his little brother in the bath with loads of bubbles. He can also now go swimming after a very long and patient wait.

IMG_2140It’s the little things in life that we all take for granted sometimes.
When were you last this happy to be in a bubble bath?Although this is not the end of CCHS for Finlay, it’s a step in the right direction.

Thanks to ALL of you that have generously given to CCHS via our events to date. It’s the smaller charities that really do appreciate your kindness. This blog is for you, so you know where you’re money goes and what it does. With the help from CCHS Support Group UK – all the information gathered from the families to the medical personnel to keep on track of the condition.

To find out more about CCHS Support Group UK the best thing to do is watch this 2 min video: CCHS Video

Or even better if you would like to give then please feel free to do so here directly: CCHS website

We’re very proud of our little dude Finlay ;0)

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