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Prepare for changes ahead of IR35

Following the round table discussion meeting with HMRC last week, frustratingly we get the feeling not a lot is going to be amended regarding the forthcoming “Off-payroll working in the public sector: reform of the employment intermediaries legislation (IR35)”

HMRC confirmed they aim to release the draft legislation document for the Autumn Statement, which is scheduled for 23rd November. Although we won’t hold our breath, but they also site to issue the online tool in Beta test mode. HMRC seem rather confident that this newly developed tool will be a means of “easily” determining if IR35 applies!

Although we’ve seen a host of media reports echoing the immortal words of that of Andy from Little Britain “Don’t like it”! Little britainAs much as we do not concur with all contained in the rushed through legislation, from our previous experience with last year’s Travel & Subsistence consultation, we can all stamp our feet and write lengthy letters along with quotes from case study to case study with differing legal opinion. It once again feels like reports and feedback are falling on deaf ears. HMRC are being hard-pressed by the ministers to shake up the tax book, and yes unfortunately once again the flexible workforce are receiving the brunt of it.

There’s one conspiracy theory from deep within the Houses of Parliament, this continues to be a smoke and mirrors effect to steer clear of tightening the rules of those that flaunt the offshore regime… but don’t get me started on that!!

Private sector contract workers can breathe a sigh of relief, as it was noted HMRC currently have no plans in the near future to extend this legislation. Mmmm the cynic in me can’t help but think otherwise!

Here at Liberty Bishop – We are preparing for “the fall” (Autumn), with our wealth of experience supplying services to the freelance market, along with a positive approach to the forthcoming legislative changes. We implore recruitment businesses do the same, and the good news is, we’ve done a lot of the work already in the past few months. We have developed a range of new models to assist agencies with the new responsibilities that you will have the burdensome task to complete.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not reinventing the wheel merely a case of getting the current wheel to operate in-line with these adjustments and of course with ease.

We aim to host a seminar shortly after the autumn statement to cover the following:

  • Understanding the changes
  • Reducing your exposure to liabilities
  • Understanding your administrative responsibilities
  • Enhancing your commercial standing

To register your interest to attend our seminar please complete the below. Date/time and venue to be confirmed – as we expect to see a high number of attendees following our previous esteemed seminars, this one is sure to rock the boat so we will review responses and maybe a case of multiple seminars and locations.

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